Anybody who takes the procurement profession seriously is slowly reaching the same conclusion; procurement is worthy of a more prominent role in the organisation. This is because suppliers are playing an increasingly important role when it comes to improving returns and ultimately an organisation’s future perspectives. We ensure that suppliers are given the scope to achieve this, by hedging risk and seizing opportunities. Through a focus on people, structure and support. Only by embracing these three factors will you positively impact your results. This is a common thread through all of our work.



werken aan veranderingSelecting the right supplier for the job requires specific skills and competencies, in the areas of communication, entrepreneurship and vision. Our training sessions can help your people develop in these areas – using workshops, teambuilding and coaching. What’s in a name? Working together to drive results-oriented change is key to us. This requires a group approach as well as individual attention and implementation. We can help to pull this off, in a targeted and measurable way.


We firmly believe in working together to instil the behaviours expected of today’s new generation of buyers; who dare to be independent, courageous and deliver feedback in a positive manner.

We typically work with small groups of 6-12 people. Or 1-on-1 if individual coaching is required. In both instances we tailor our approach to take account of existing issues and the broader situation. This ensures that both the context and the behaviour are dealt with. In our experience this has a much greater impact and leads to the desired change. Our goal is to demonstrate that changing specific behaviours can strengthen the output and energy of the group and the individual, and help build trust.


werken aan veranderingCollaborating with startups leads to smarter and more creative products and services. But how do you go about this? The differences between large, cash-rich organizations and smaller startups are often significant. Which makes it all the more important to identify synergies quickly, and translate these into clear goals, commercial agreements and results.


For us, it is vital that both parties have a clear understanding of the basis of the collaboration. A joint ambition, expressed clearly and succinctly, with two feet firmly on the ground will form the foundation of the collaboration. Because in many cases the time available to establish whether the partnership will be successful, is limited.

We focus on what each party requires, and is able to contribute to achieving the intended result. This includes an outline of the risks. Clearly laid out, with regular milestones and opt-outs. And with respect for both parties from the very start and moving forward.


inzetten tijdelijke capaciteitSpecific requirements can arise for a number of reasons when working through a procurement process. A one-off or unique tender, for example. Or long-team leave by a permanent member of staff. In these types of situations we can offer temporary support.


Our approach ensures that the right people within the organisation are involved throughout the procurement process. This involves asking the right questions, making choices and taking decisions. Ensuring what’s purchased is truly required and takes the customer’s complete requirements into account (end-to-end). The best possible solution for the best price. This translates into concrete contracts with transparent SLAs, KPIs and incentives. Contracts that are clear and therefore provide the basis for a solid working relationship.


werken aan veranderingDoes your procurement function need temporary management? Someone that can steer the department back on course and keep it there? To achieve the desired change, our approach to interim management involves the whole department. A clearly defined road map from A to B.


When it comes to interim management, we agree concrete goals in advance so that together with our client we make measurable progress. This requires both group, as well as individual goals and an outline of the way we’ll achieve them.

We firmly believe in working together to instil the behaviours expected of today’s new generation of buyers; who dare to be independent, courageous and deliver feedback in a positive manner.

Results count. We deliver the desired results and ensure that they’re recognised.


uitvoeren van scans en due diligensDo you have the feeling that you could be getting more value from your (procurement) organisation? The first step towards making this happen is a Quick Scan, Audit or Risk Assessment. Based on this, you’ll get your first insights into the opportunities available and the potential hazards to avoid. When considering an acquisition, we can make a valuable contribution to the Due Diligence process.


With a Quick Scan, we’ll work with you to understand ‘what’ has been purchased by analysing existing financial information. We then seek to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ purchases have been made. This is carried out together with employees from various disciplines within the organisation. Based on this analysis a detailed report of our findings is provided.

An Audit is just the thing if you are looking for a more comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of procurement procedures and guidelines. While carrying out an audit the emphasis is on identifying things such as (supplier) risks, the effectiveness of processes and the quality of the procurement organisation.

Both a Quick Scan and an Audit can be completed in a relatively short period of time – meaning it’s just days rather than weeks before you know the state of play. With our support when carrying out Due Diligence, the focus lies on identifying procurement risks and synergies with the potential acquisition.