9 October 2017 / by Mark Lindeman

For those who don’t just believe in success stories

The economy is booming. Consumption is on the increase, and people are becoming less cautious about their spending. The financial crisis is fading into a distant memory and many of the problems challenging the economy over the last few years have been relegated to the history books. But there’s more to it. We’ve entered a new era where numerous technological advances still have to find their place in our lives and our environment. Blockchain and The Internet of Things, for example, are speeding up this change. But at the same time, they raise numerous questions about the impact they’ll have on our lives.

For those who don’t just believe in success stories

The impacts of technology
Most of the time, these questions aren’t about the technology itself, but the implications innovation will have on the way society works and lives together. Technological innovation normally leads to new ways of working together. At an individual level within organisations, as well as between companies and sectors.

We read a lot in the media about these new developments. But the focus is on the success stories. We should be asking ourselves whether these stories serve primarily as a means of self-promotion, or whether they truly help organizations to transform their business models to meet the needs of the 21st century?

Embracing failure
Is failure not integral to progress? To innovation and change? And to life in general? Breakthroughs are often made as a result of something going wrong. Bumps in the road can cause sleepless nights, but with hindsight you can often appreciate the journey. Recognisable?

For us it is. With our clients, we identify and implement innovative ways of working between organisations; while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. And with a focus on feasibility and results. We work in close cooperation, even when things threaten to take a turn for the worse. Because in a solid partnership, you share both the successes and the failures. With this in mind, we have already achieved great results with our clients.

What are your thoughts? Does failure go hand-in-hand with innovation, and is change a pre-requisite to success?

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