2 January 2018 / by Mark Lindeman

CEOs on the lookout for adaptable buyers!

Recently published research by Ayming Consultants* questioned 200 CEOs, CFOs and CPOs. The results showed that 50% of CEOs had doubts about the effectiveness of their purchasing function. According to researchers, this was due to the fact that purchasing managers focus mainly on the use of technologies and systems to improve purchasing performance. CEOs, on the other hand, would prefer to see purchasing contribute to the organizational strategy in variety of ways, rather than simply offering the deal to the lowest bidder. Sound familiar?

For us it’s an all too familiar story. In our work, it’s clear that when a buyer thinks carefully about which suppliers offer the best fit for his or her organization, significantly more can be accomplished than simply the best deal. As soon as a shared ambition and common goal become a priority, considerably more can be achieved. Together you create the ideal conditions for an intensive collaboration focused on implementation and achieving the desired result. In this day and age, developments in the areas of technology, innovation and sustainability increasingly demand this approach. This benefits both parties in the short and long term.

CEOs on the lookout for adaptable buyers!

You’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t agree with this, but it’s easier said than done. For us, our main focus is getting things done. Making progress and achieving results. Springing into action. Finding suppliers that will help your organisation take not just a step, but a giant stride forwards. Discovering the opportunities offered by technological developments for both your organization and its suppliers. Creating opportunities. We could spend hours talking about this, but action speaks louder than words.

With this in mind, we increasingly find ourselves setting up mutually beneficial collaborations with start-ups, as well as organising and establishing sector-wide sustainability initiatives. All from a business perspective and with a focus on results and returns.

With this said, we totally understand the concerns that 50% of CEOs have about their purchasing function. True collaboration with suppliers requires more than just the latest purchasing system. Could a brainstorm help you start achieving purchasing results that are in line with, and that support your organizational strategy? We’re just a phone call away and more than happy to explain our method and approach in more detail.

* Read the full report at: http://www.ayming.com/news/procurement-2020-report-launched/